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We have so many amazing staff members here at Kisima who ensure that all students have everything they need to thrive in their education.

We asked some of them what their favourite things about Kisima are and here are their responses!

Dorcas (Matron in charge of the kitchen and healthcare for the students): ‘It’s a home for staff and students.’

Ruth (One of our four cooks): ‘The students are well disciplined and help us in their spare time with the sorting of beans and maize.’

Gitonga (Gardener, aids with security) : ‘Interacting with students and staff.’

Josephat (Lab technician, chair of staff welfare association, manages the water treatment): ‘My friendly bosses who are humble and challenge me to be humble as well.’

Evans (Agriculture and Biology teacher): ‘The conducive working environment. The moment things are on the track they go!’

John (HoD languages, English teacher, patron of music club): ‘The food is amazing.’

Beatrice (English teacher, HoD guidance and counselling) : ‘The tranquil environment.’