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Trustees and Governance

The ‘Kisima Trust’ was created by a Trust deed dated 5th July 2002 and a certificate of Incorporation dated 1st of September 2009.

The Objects of the Trust are:
‘To further such general public charitable purposes directed wholly towards meeting the educational and religious needs of, in particular, pastoralists, and other members of the society, for community welfare, and the relief of illiteracy, poverty and distress of persons who are residents in Kenya and elsewhere, as the Trustees may from time to time in their absolute discretion think fit’.

The Kisima Trust’s principal address is P.O.Box 1605 Nyahururu, 20300 Kenya.

Kisima Trust comprises four trustees who oversee all matters concerning the trust as well as the Kisima School: 

  1. Mr. David Maina Kariuki (Chair)
  2. Mr. Daniel Etindi Amunga
  3. Bishop Jacob Alkan Lesuuda
  4. Mrs. Mary Wairimu Njuguna

The executive management team comprises of the following:

  1. Mr. David Maina Kariuki – Founding trustee & Director
  2. Mr. Daniel Etindi Amunga – Trustee & School Principal
  3. Mrs. Catherine Maina – Sponsorship coordinator 

The Kisima Trust Board oversees the running of the Kisima Mixed Secondary School. The following trustees are members of the Kisima Trust Board:

David Maina Kariuki
Director and Trustee
Daniel Etindo Amunga
Principal and Trustee
Bishop Jacob Alkan Lesuuda
Mary Wairimu Njuguna