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Kisima School offers secondary education to children and young people who would otherwise not be able to get this opportunity. The students come from seven counties in Northern, Central and Western Kenya, and from around fifteen different Kenyan communities.

In Kenya, secondary education has to be paid for, making it something that is beyond the reach of poorer families. This is especially true of Northern Kenya where a high proportion of families are unable to afford secondary education.

Kisima Mixed Secondary School provides free education to children who are from disadvantaged backgrounds but who have proven academic potential to benefit from further learning. Our aim is that through education they will become a resource for their family and community. This is reflected in the school motto: ‘Empowered to Transform’.

Secondary Education

DSC01357Secondary education at Kisima pursues the following objectives:

  • All-round development of the individual
    Provide for an all-round mental, moral and spiritual development of young people.
  • Relevant skills
    Provide relevant skills to enable contribution to the improvement of the social and economic conditions of the students’ communities.
  • Balanced theoretical & practical skills
    Ensure balanced development in cognitive and practical skills.
  • Foundation for further education
    Lay a firm foundation for further education and training.
  • Attitudes for well-being of pastoralist communities
    Promote the acquisition of positive attitudes and values towards the well-being of pastoralist communities.