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Kisima School operates as a welcoming Christian environment with strong Christian leadership and ethos but without discrimination to other faiths. Children are admitted not on the basis of their faith but on the basis of academic potential and need. It is our hope that during their time at Kisima School, they will have an opportunity to develop greater understanding of Christ and respond to Him.

serviceEvery Sunday morning a worship service is held in the dining hall, which all pupils attend. The organisation of the service is coordinated by a member of staff but pupils are actively involved in running it.  Many get involved by presenting a song either individually or in a group. Those who feel able to have the opportunity to lead everyone in a hymn or chorus, take the prayers or lead the service as a whole by introducing the programme of events.

Each week we have a sermon given by a member of staff or by an invited preacher. We have welcomed speakers from some of the local churches we have links with – the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) and the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA).