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There are three terms in an academic year, but in 2022 these have been compressed into less than eight months as schools continue to make up the time lost in the 2020 covid closure. The dates for the 2022 academic year are:

  • Term 1: April 25th – July 1st
  • Term 2: July 11th – September 16th
  • Term 3: September 26th – November 25th (ends December 23rd for Form Four)

The children return to their families at the end of every term for a holiday. It is very important that they do go back home and that they get involved in the activities there, whether by looking after animals, assisting with farming activities, fetching water or helping with other household tasks.

We do not want them to lose contact with their home communities but rather maintain links so they see their education in the light of the future benefit they can be to them.