• Equipping the Young to Face the Future with Confidence

    Equipping the Young to Face the Future with Confidence

  • Transforming Lives Through Education

    Transforming Lives Through Education

  • School Motto: Empowered to Transform

    School Motto: Empowered to Transform

Kisima Mixed Secondary School

Isaiah, a student from Kisima School returns to his home in Kargi, Northern Kenya.

Kisima School offers the chance for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to transform their lives through the opportunity of education. Students at Kisima School come from different tribes and faiths and learn to live happily together free from the conflict and unrest that blights many of their communities in the struggle for scarce resources. 

Attending secondary school and then university gives these children the hope of steering themselves out of dependence and marginalisation and bringing new life to their families and communities.

Opened in 2005, Kisima School is a free residential school for 160 young people aged between 14 and 18 years, with places divided equally between boys and girls. 

Kisima School’s first class took their Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education in 2008 and since then on average 94% have achieved university entrance grades. In 2021 94% of students achieved these grades – the national average is 17.5%.


2023 Results

  • Students with a C+ grade or higher are eligible for government support to attend university.
  • 100% of students achieved a university entrance grade

Graduates To Date

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