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The new term is well underway, with the Form Two, Three and Four students having come back to school on 1st January.  As usual, they started their beginning-of-term exams the very next day – a chance to prove that they had not forgotten to spend some time studying during their extremely long holiday.

Then on 6th January, it was time to welcome our new Form One class.  This is made up of forty needy students from Northern, Central and Western Kenya, who have earned their place at Kisima by their excellent academic performance at primary school.  Their arrival day followed the usual pattern – individual interviews with a member of staff to check their background information, meeting their mentors from Form Two, a gathering in the hall for students and guardians, and issuing of bedding and other necessary supplies.  They have since begun lessons and got involved in extra-curricular activities.  We pray that their four years with us will be happy and successful.

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