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Kisima students and staff alike celebrated on Wednesday 30th of May when the new school bus finally arrived after years of prayerful planning and fund raising.

The bus arrived at Kisima in the late hours of the evening and was greeted at the front gate by a sea of overjoyed students. What followed was an evening of music, dancing and celebration. An overwhelming sense of joy filled the school as the students revelled in their fundraising success. Students took it in turns to enter and investigate their new 52 seater bus, honking the horn and flashing the lights, adding to the carnival atmosphere.

The Principal drew the evening to a close with a thankful message to all the students and their families for their financial contributions towards the purchasing of the bus. The physical efforts of the students were also recognised and appreciated, they worked tirelessly to prepare the bus shed in time for its arrival. The Principal’s address climaxed when he announced that students would take a trip in the bus to the Great Rift Valley view point.

Special thanks from everyone at the school to our friends at the Two Sisters Chapel in Sweden for their support and generous donations towards the project. A further thank you goes to the alumni for their donations, all of which have made this significant step in the growth of the school possible.

After being in its new bus shed for only one day, it was rented out by the local Catholic Church who travelled to Uganda and back on it. Since then it has been on multiple shorter trips, showing God’s provision for the long term financing of the bus.

We are excited to see where else the bus will go, and where it will take us.