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Tuesday 26th arrived and the school was ready to welcome the new Form Ones.

DSC03650Current students gathered around the Kisima gates at the early hour of 6:45am ready to welcome the new Form Ones – some of whom had been travelling for days. Arriving only with a single trunk of personal belongings and a parent or guardian by their side, the new students were greeted with a smile and a traditional African handshake. Thus began a busy schedule of interviews, introductions, speeches and a final goodbye to their accompanying family.


DSCN0286Form Ones were checked in, photographed and directed to a teacher to be interviewed regarding basic personal information, family background and their ambitions for Kisima and beyond. Following this, all new arrivals and staff members gathered in the main hall. Every new student and guardian introduced themselves by name, as did all members of staff. The Principal and Director outlined the rules and regulations of Kisima, past successes of the school and concluded with congratulating and welcoming the new students. It was also special to hear from Samantha Haydon, a representative of ‘The Educational Frontier Trust’ in the UK.

The end of the day meant significant goodbyes to accompanying family but appointments of Kisima mother and fathers – Form Twos ready to offer mentoring and support, especially through the transition and homesickness of the first term. The transformation into Kisima students was complete when the varying primary uniforms were replaced with the Kisima colours; made to measure by the tailors working on site. They have also been supplied with bedding, buckets and all the necessary stationery.








It was a privilege and joy to welcome the new students into the Kisima family.

Ella and Ema – volunteers from England

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  • Am really impressed with the new form1 2016. They have started a new life, secondary school life. May God be with you.