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Last week, maize from the school farm was harvested and brought to school, to be threshed by a small threshing machine.  Many of the students lent a hand in the process that you see below.

Maize 2First, Maize 1sacks were filled with the cobs of maize and carried to the threshing machine.




Maize 4Maize 3There, the maize was transferred into buckets so it could be poured into the thresher.







Maize 6 Maize 5As the threshed maize came out the chute, our school gardener, Gitonga, caught it in sacks which he passed on to the students.



Maize 8 Maize 7

The sacks were topped up until full, and here is the finished result!  We have harvested enough maize for more than a term.



Maize 12 Maize 10 Maize 9The work was not yet over, however, as the empty cobs had to be collected and wheeled to the firewood store as they can also be used as fuel for our cookers.  And even James joined in with the final sweeping!