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Congratulations and thanks go to one of our long-term supporters, Ebbe Westergren from Sweden.  On 23rd September he took part in the “Lidingöloppet”, the world’s largest cross-country run, held in the outskirts of Stockholm.  Ebbe entered the main 30km race and finished in 3 hours and 32 minutes, two minutes faster than the last time he did it twelve years ago.  Along with this impressive accomplishment he also managed to raise a significant sum of money for Kisima which we will use to buy new desks and chairs for one of the classrooms – thank you to everyone who supported him.

We look forward to hearing more of Ebbe’s endeavours next year, as this race is just the first of four that make up the Swedish Classic.  He hopes to complete the 90km ski in March, the 300km cycle in June and the 3km swim in July, each time raising more money for Kisima.  Ebbe, we are in awe of your fitness and so grateful for your commitment to supporting the school.